Skill-Building for Genealogists

Presentation: Skill-Building Tips for Genealogists
Handout: Skill-Building Tips for Genealogists Syllabus


Getting Started

Presentation: Getting Started
Handout: Getting Started Handout




Citations Part 1

Citations Part 2


Organizing Your Research

Presentation: Organizing Your Research


Evidence-Based Research

Presentation: Evidence-Based Genealogy


FamilySearch Website

The website is an invaluable resource for genealogists, and includes many tools that may be overlooked by some researchers. The presentation FamilySearch Website provides an introduction to the main menu items: Records, Genealogies, Catalog, Books, and Wiki.

For tips on searching records online, see Tips and Tricks for FamilySearch

Handout: Handout

Presentation: FamilySearch Digitized Resources

Skill-building exercise: Catalog Scavenger Hunt Overview

Skill-building exercise: Catalog Scavenger Hunt Place Search


FamilySearch Indexing

Presentation: Family Search Indexing Website

For tips to getting the most out of without a subscription, including  resources available for free on your home computer and tips for navigating Ancestry Library Edition, see Tips and Tricks


The Rest of the Best (Top sites for online research)

Presentation: Favorite Online Genealogy sites
Handout: Rest of the Best handout


Legacy Genealogy Software

Presentation: Legacy Software


Gathering Evidence

Gathering Evidence covers my favorite sources for records, including online, the West Florida Genealogical Library, and microfilm from the Family History Library.


Census Research

Presentation: Census Research

Handout: Census Research

Presentation: Census Analysis Tips

Presentation: Advanced Census Search Techniques

Federal Census Data Table


Vital Records

Presentation: Vital Records


Advanced Search Tips

Presentation: Computer Search Tips


Google Earth for Genealogists

Presentation: Google Earth for Genealogists


Probate Records

Presentation: Probate Records

Handout: Researching Probate Records Outline Handout


Church Records

Presentation: Church Records


Social Security Applications

Presentation: Social Security


Online Newspaper Research

Presentation: Newspaper Research

Presentation: Newspaper Research (2014)

Presentation: Newspapers: where to find them (2016)


Law in Genealogy

Presentation: Law in Genealogy

Presentation: Finding Compiled State Statutes and Annual Session Laws
Handout: Finding Statutes and Laws Handout


Tracking Family Migrations in the United States

Presentation: Tracking Family Migrations in the US


National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Presentation: NARA Website and Finding Aids, Part I

Presentation: NARA Finding Aids Part II

Presentation: NARA research strategies


DNA and Genealogy


Presentation: Confirming a son’s origins with Y-DNA (part 1)

Presentation: Confirming a son’s origins with Y-DNA (part 2)

Autosomal DNA:

Presentation: Understanding Autosomal DNA

Presentation: Autosomal DNA Helps ID a G-G-G-G-Grandfather

Autosomal DNA Analysis:

Presentation: DNA results analysis

Instructions on uploading raw data to GEDMATCH and FTDNA


Computer Skills for Genealogists

Presentation: Computer Skills for Genealogists

Presentation: GEDCOM Files

Presentation: Smorgasbord 1
• ordering microfilm
• transcribing and analyzing records
• creating a research log
• separating incorrectly merged profiles
• navigating Family Tree source attachment screen

Presentation: Smorgasbord 2
• editing FamilySearch Family Tree
• transcribing records

Presentation: Smorgasborg 3 (Sam Vilen case study, part 1)
• maintaining the Family Tree
• managing your browser settings
• adding citations to image files
• Record Seek
• fold3 tips


Case Studies

Presentation: Albert Brejcha land records


Case study based on “Tracking a Loner on the Move: J.W. Parberry Exposed by the Genealogical Proof Standard” by John Philip Colletta; National Genealogical Society Quarterly 93 (June 2005): 94-109

Presentation: J W Parberry and the Genealogical Proof Standard

Presentation: Origins of James Wood Parberry

Presentation: Parberry’s Wife


Case study based on “Crossing the Continent with Common Names: Indiana Natives John and Elizabeth (Smith) Smith” by Harold Henderson; National Genealogical Society Quarterly 103 (March 2015): 29-35.

Presentation: Origins of John and Elizabeth Smith

Presentation: Finding John Smith


Case study based on “Mothers for Sophie (Kanetski) Howe of Scranton, Pennsylvania” by Melissa A. Johnson; National Genealogical Society Quarterly 103 (June 2015): 105-113.

Presentation: Sophie Howe

Presentation: Sophie’s Mother 2

Presentation: Sophie’s Mother 3


Case study based on “Finding a Father for Isaac Young; A Virginia Native in California” by Shirley Langdon Wilcox; National Genealogical Society Quarterly 102 (September 2014): 177-188.

Presentation: A Father for Isaac (part 1) (focus on locating a newspaper obituaries)

Presentation: A Father for Isaac (part 2) (tips for confirming identities)

Presentation: A Father for Isaac (part 3) (focus on locating local published histories)

Presentation: A Father for Isaac (part 4) (focus on probate records)


Case study based on “Identifying a Son for John Temple of Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama” by Rachel Mills Lennon, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 103 (June 2015): 139-150.

Presentation: Identifying a Son (part 1)

Presentation: Identifying a Son (part 2)

Presentation: Identifying a Son (part 3)


Case study based on “Parentage of Martha Smith of Alabama and Mississippi: Overcoming Inconsistent, Incorrect, and Missing Records” by Laurel T. Baty; National Genealogical Society Quarterly 101 (June 2013): 85-102

Presentation: Who were the parents of Martha Crosby?


Case study based on Ian’s research:

Presentation: Who were Isadore Stern’s maternal grandparents?




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