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Kay Rudolph at kayr@pastinsight.com

NAVARRE FAMILY HISTORY CENTER at 1753 Sea Lark Lane, Navarre, Florida: volunteer instructor during normal business hours, Saturdays from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY at 200 Church Street, Pensacola, Florida: volunteer instructor at Tea & Genealogy sessions, Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.


Kay has conducted extensive research on families in the Deep South, particularly in Northwest Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Her personal family research has centered mainly in New England and the North Atlantic States, especially Massachusetts and New York; she has documented several family lines to their immigrant ancestors arriving in the America’s as early as the 17th century and as recently as the 20th century. Through her volunteer work at the Navarre Family History Center and the African American Heritage Society of Pensacola, she has researched families from across the United States and the Caribbean.


Read and write Spanish proficiently.


Salt Lake City Institute of Genealogy:

  • Researching in Washington DC without Leaving Home (2017)
  • Advanced Practicum (2016)
  • Advanced Research Tools: Land Records (2016)
  • Beyond the Library: Researching Original Resource Repositories (2015)
  • Advanced Genealogical Methods (2014)

Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research:

  • Researching African American Ancestors: Sources, Strategies, and Analysis (2018)
  • Advanced Library Research: Law Libraries and Government Documents (2014)
  • Research in the South [focus on Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida] (2013)

National Genealogical Society:

  • NGS Conference (2016)
  • Genealogy and the Law (2014)
  • Mastering Genealogical Proof (2013)
  • American Genealogy Home Study Course (2012)

National Genealogical Society Quarterly Study Group

ProGen Study Group 16 (2013)

Certificate, Genealogical Research, Boston University OL7 (2012)

CalState TEACH, Certificate, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program

B.A., Geography, and M.A., Energy and Resources, from University of California, Berkeley


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2 thoughts on “About Past InSight

  1. Janet Laurence says:

    Hello, Kay, thanks for all the really useful information at yesterday’s session. Do you recommend a word document for census information for each family member or just head of the house?

    • KayR says:

      I suggest placing the transcription of the census in the parents’ folder. So if I’m looking for censuses for my grandfather before he married, I would look in parents’ folder (Rudolph-Fick), and for censuses after he married, I would look to the Rudolph-Lockwood folder. My grandfather’s birth certificate would go in a subfolder “William Edward” in his parents’ Rudolph-Fick folder. My grandfather’s death certificate would go in another “William Edward” subfolder in the Rudolph-Lockwood folder. All documents before a person established their own household go in that person’s subfolder in the parents’ folder, and all documents created after that person formed a household go in that person’s subfolder in their own household folder. Marriage certificates, censuses, and other documents that pertain to multiple members of the household go into that main household folder. The idea is, start with a logic and stick to it, so you always know where to look for an item later.

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